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Who We Are

Stephanie and Justin both attended University of Central Florida where Stephanie earned her BA in Digital Media and Justin his BA in Film and an MS in Interactive Entertainment. They were both invited by different friends to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee at midnight on campus, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Justin and Stephanie were married on March 10, 2012, and had their first child, Tyler, on June 4, 2013. After a move halfway across the country from Orlando, Florida, to the Houston, Texas area, they had their second child, Ryan, on March 20, 2015.

Stephanie has been a stay-at-home mom since Tyler was born. Now she has a few things going on in addition to No Waste Meal Plan. Stephanie blogs at You Are My Son Shine about recipes, parenting, gardening, and everything life throws her way. She is also a Legacy Maker, helping families bring their vintage family memories into the digital age. And most important, of course, is being a wife and mom to her two crazy, fun-loving little boys.

Justin took the giant leap from working a 9-5 job and has been working for himself almost a year now. He has doneĀ a variety of graphics and design work since graduating college, including working for a video game company, a presidential campaign, a credit union, and various card and board games. Working from home has been a great change for the family.

Why No Waste Meal Plan

I have personally been using a modified version of this plan for several years now, and have my process down pretty well. Through strategic meal planning, I feel like I have been saving our family quite a bit of money on our grocery bills. As a family of four, we are spending right around $400 per month on groceries. We eat mostly whole foods, but will splurge on occasion.

I created No Waste Meal Plan to try to help other families save time, money, and food. Over the last couple months, I have spent a lot of time putting this meal plan together and making the grocery lists. I really hope it can help other families understand just how easy it can be to waste less food.

We only have one Earth, and we need to take care of it. There are so many ways we can do our part, and not wasting food is just one of the many examples. In our house, we have made an effort to try to have a smaller “carbon footprint”, although there is still more we could do. It is a learning process, and something that you need to take in baby steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Taking care of our home not only helps us, but it helps our children grow up in a better world, and their children, and so on. I can’t control what may or may not happen when we walk outside the door, but I can control what happens within my home. My husband and I do our part to try to give our children a good start and instill a sense of conservationism in the boys.

This may seem like such a small, maybe insignificant thing. But if everyone made these slight changes, it could potentially change the world. Start your baby steps today to save money, time, and food by strategic meal planning.

Disclaimer: Stephanie Lynch is not a trained dietician, nutritionist, chef, or medical professional. The information on this blog is based on facts, research, and personal experiences. This information is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. Never dismiss any advice your health physician gives. The author shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or any other damages.