Save money, time, and food with the No Waste Meal Plan




Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99

Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99

Are you tired of…


High Grocery Bills

Do you spend more than $120 per person on groceries every month? Are you constantly have to cut back your grocery budget to save money?

Did you know the average family spends



per person per month on groceries


Meal Planning

Do you spend more time than you would like meal planning? End up making multiple trips to the grocery store every week?

Did you know the average person spends



meal planning and making grocery lists every week


Throwing out food

Do you end up throwing out food that never got eaten? Are you getting burned out on the same recipes week after week?

Did you know the average family wastes



per person per year in North America

The No Waste Meal Plan alleviates all these issues

Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99

Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99

What is the No Waste Meal Plan?


4 Weeks of Meal Plans
Scrambling to throw dinner together at the last minute is a thing of the past! Your No Waste Meal Plan provides you a meal plan for the next 4 weeks. Think about all the time and stress you’ll save from always knowing what’s for dinner. In addition, the No Waste Meal Plan ensures you use up all the food you purchase for the plan.


Pre-made Grocery Lists
Wouldn’t it be nice to make only one trip to the grocery store each week? You can with your No Waste Meal Plan. Each week you’ll have access to a printable grocery list with detailed information on all the food you will need to purchase (including sizes) to make your dinners for the week. Your list also includes space for your own additional grocery needs so you can have everything in one convenient place.


28 Dinner Recipes
Cook like a pro with easy to follow recipes! Each week you’ll receive your dinner recipes for the week in a print-friendly PDF file. This allows you to view recipes on your mobile device or print them, whichever is most convenient for you. Also, you’ll be to view an online version of each recipe, including a photo of the completed meal.


Supportive Community
When you join the No Waste Meal Plan you don’t have to do it alone! As part of your plan, you’ll have lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions about meals, get support on how to make a recipe, or chat about your meal planning strategies.

What to expect

When you join the No Waste Meal Plan, you are committing to save yourself money, time, and food by using up all of the groceries you purchase over a 4 week period. Food waste is a growing problem in the United States and across the world; do your part to lessen the amount of consumer waste in your home.

Shortly after signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email, and a Week 1 email outlining where to get everything you need to get started. You’ll also have access to a webpage where your full meal plan, grocery list, and recipes for the week are stored. Since you will probably go grocery shopping a day or two before starting the next week, you’ll receive your the next week’s email five days after starting the current week.

The best part about the No Waste Meal Plan is that all the hard work is done for you! For 4 weeks you won’t have to spend time planning your meals and making your grocery lists. Having a plan reduces the likelihood of purchasing unnecessary groceries and making extra trips to the store. Also, by following the grocery lists and recipes, you will use up all of the groceries you’ve purchased for the plan. Along with saving money and time, you’ll have done your part in decreasing the amount of food wasted in the world.

Get started in 5 Easy Steps:



To get started saving money, time, and food, buy the No Waste Meal Plan (connect to PayPal to complete the transaction).


Check Your Email

Once your payment is accepted, you will receive a welcome email with a bit about the program, followed by your Week 1 email (which contains information for how to get all of your resources for the week).


Download Your Resources

Your weekly email will guide you to the download links for your meal plan (the list of all the recipes you'll be making), your grocery list, and your recipes.


Go Shopping & Make Your Meals

Use your grocery list to go shopping, then make your meals using those ingredients. Make sure to make all the meals within that week to prevent wasted food and ensure your grocery lists to match up properly.



Once you've started Week 1, you'll receive your Week 2 email five days later. This gives you time to get your grocery list together and go shopping a few days before you start Week 2.
It’s time to save money, time, and food! Start Step 1 right now.

Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99

Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99

Inquiring Minds Want To Know….

When Does The Meal Plan Start?

Your No Waste Meal Plan starts whenever you are ready to start! Once you make your purchase, you will automatically start receiving your emails with the instructions on how to download your complete plan, your first week’s grocery list, and the recipes to go with it.

What Happens If I Miss A Day/Meal?

Don’t worry, it happens. You can either set yourself back a day in the plan, or skip that meal. Just know that skipping a meal means you won’t use up all of your ingredients. Also, nothing says you absolutely have to eat the meals in order. As long as you make all the meals in the week, you’ll use up all the groceries you purchase.

How Many Servings Are Each Recipe?

The recipes are written¬†for a family of 4 people. If you have less than 4 people you are feeding, you can save any leftovers for lunch, thus saving more money because you aren’t buying food for lunches! The grocery lists are also designed to have the amount necessary to make the recipes as written. You are welcome to adjust, but I can’t guarantee you will use all the groceries if you do this.

Is There A Refund Option?

Once you purchase the No Waste Meal Plan, you are given access to the grocery lists and recipes, providing you all of the resources for the plan. So, even if you don’t follow the plan all the way through, there is still value in having all of the recipes and plan information at your fingertips. Because of this, I don’t offer refunds after a successful purchase has been made. In addition, if you follow the plan, you should see a savings in money, time, and food, making this worth so much more than the purchase price.

Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99

Start your No Waste Meal Plan

PRICE: $29.99